Wow, it’s been nearly two weeks and the memories are still quite vivid.  Every year is so very different, every year this crazy group of people come together to share a frozen lake, chase each other out toward the horizon, share some good times and ride ride ride.  This year […]

Sometimes there is a bit of an extra enjoyment when the day, the session, becomes something different than what you thought it might be.  Yesterday was one of those days.  It had looked like there would be wind.  Earlier in the week it was looking pretty decent.  On Weds it […]

So great to get out again.  Such a gift to have two warm days of riding.  The snow was still so soft, making for making endless Ss off the wind.  Great to see so many faces that I hadn’t seen this year yet. Lots of new smiles out there.  Randy, […]

Oh they just keep coming.  Such gifts.  Today’s gift was for Bill Manuel…it’s his birthday you know.  He’s a sharing kind of guy and let us all play in his gift.  He must put a lot of good out into the world cause a lot of it came back today. […]

I’m sure you’ve heard me talk before about the blobs.  Those color zones from WindAlert that show strength of wind for various parts of the state.  Usually we get excited by yellow and oranges.  Every once and awhile there is a dark red blob (26-28+ mph), but it is small […]

by Patty Hoben Since there was no wind on our radar for the first weekend in October, we were pleasantly surprised when the unexpected invitation came on Thursday to join Kevin, Bryan and Rob in Sheboygan, WI to ride the big waves on Lake Michigan. Jim loves a good road […]

There is something quite special about the late season riding.  The palette of colors that surround the lake has gone from green to muted browns and oranges.  The water is so much cleaner and seems to be deeper blue green.  The wind just feels different, maybe it’s that hint, or […]

Oh what a weekend! A classical Low rolled through the state last weekend. Two days of strong southwinds on the leading edge of the front followed by two days of W-NW winds as the Low moved up and out of the region. These systems are quite common in the Fall […]

This lake has continued to be a great option for those approaching winds that may not quite make it to the cities.  10 minutes North of Alexandria this lake has nice park in the center of the north side with shallow sandy bottom and grassy rigging.  The winds were South […]