TIghe Belden


Oh to Fly

South Padre Island Spring trip.  Always a unique groove.  This year was about exploring, exploring a new sport, exploring new tricks, exploring a new ride…flying was common ingredient.  So much fun. I apologize ahead of time if you know French.  The song was chosen for the texture of the music […]

So great to get out again.  Such a gift to have two warm days of riding.  The snow was still so soft, making for making endless Ss off the wind.  Great to see so many faces that I hadn’t seen this year yet. Lots of new smiles out there.  Randy, […]

Father’s day weekend provided some great winds.  Saturday was good on the north end of the storms. Sunday cleared off and the winds were cranking by late morning.  It was challenging for most fathers struggling to enjoy the gifts of family and the maybe score a session.  Luckily my daughter, […]