Wow, it’s been nearly two weeks and the memories are still quite vivid.  Every year is so very different, every year this crazy group of people come together to share a frozen lake, chase each other out toward the horizon, share some good times and ride ride ride.  This year […]


Snow Kite Island 02/23/2015

The lack of any kind of discernible snow depth has not deterred the diehards. The surface of Lake Minnetonka was a white, glistening expanse of hard pack and small drifts. Fast, the lightest breeze sent you screaming across the plane. Edges barely holding, as you test the laws of inertia […]


The Big Unexpected Snow- Video

Big Snow on WBL 1.30.14 from End of Session on Vimeo.

So much fun making this video.  What a great couple of days.  Still so vivid in the mind.  Highly recommend watching full screen or even on a TV.  Pulls you right in.  Hope you enjoy.