Pete Koske

This lake has continued to be a great option for those approaching winds that may not quite make it to the cities.  10 minutes North of Alexandria this lake has nice park in the center of the north side with shallow sandy bottom and grassy rigging.  The winds were South […]

Kevin and Brian had forecasted the big Low moving into place a week out.  Looked slow moving and hopes were for a few good days of riding.  It came in with some big storms on Thursday, then Friday SE winds kicked up at Ramsey Beach, as Mike and his crew […]

Father’s day weekend provided some great winds.  Saturday was good on the north end of the storms. Sunday cleared off and the winds were cranking by late morning.  It was challenging for most fathers struggling to enjoy the gifts of family and the maybe score a session.  Luckily my daughter, […]

Another excursion to South Padre Island has come to a close.  This yearly pilgrimage continues to be such a great threshold from snowkiting to kitesurfing and this year was no exception.  After the best winter in memory, and kiting deeply imbedded in our lives we headed south, to the place […]