John Zdechlik



I’ve watched birds since I was young, you know those big birds, the eagles and the hawks.  Soaring in the invisible current.  The smallest movements of their wings sending them higher and higher. I’m drawn to the effortless grace as they soar overhead. I dream of flying, lingering in a […]

Oh they just keep coming.  Such gifts.  Today’s gift was for Bill Manuel…it’s his birthday you know.  He’s a sharing kind of guy and let us all play in his gift.  He must put a lot of good out into the world cause a lot of it came back today. […]

This lake has continued to be a great option for those approaching winds that may not quite make it to the cities.  10 minutes North of Alexandria this lake has nice park in the center of the north side with shallow sandy bottom and grassy rigging.  The winds were South […]

Oct 7, 2014 Day 5 of strong WNW winds that blanket Minnesota.  The temps were in the low 60s, the sun was shining, the smiles were everywhere.  Kevin O took the session of sessions riding for hours and hours, ripin up the waves on the Eastern shore and boosting big […]

Great evening session.  We arrived afterwork and the slow journey west through traffic to the riders of the day, in full smiles and looking quite worn out.  Clearly it had been good.  The evening shift hit the water on 8s and 10s and played till sunset. Just a few shots […]