Jim Watkins

I’m sure you’ve heard me talk before about the blobs.  Those color zones from WindAlert that show strength of wind for various parts of the state.  Usually we get excited by yellow and oranges.  Every once and awhile there is a dark red blob (26-28+ mph), but it is small […]

I don’t know what it is, but there is something really special about this simple gathering in the middle of summer. Summer is our time of doldrums, time to get chores done, to plan things on weekends…because we just don’t get that many windy weekends in July…typically. Each year though […]


The gathering video 2015

What a wonderful weekend.  Big thanks for John Czech for being in the water all weekend and capturing all of our fun.

Friday Oct 3, Dave Z, Geo and others spotted the isobars stacking up on the 10 Day MRF at the beginning of the week.  Corduroy all across Minnesota…love the look of that.  There was also this large blob of color extending down from Canada…cold cold temps.  The debate began, within […]



It’s a funny word.  If you have a therapist you refer to your time with them as your sessions.  If you make it to the water to ride, we refer to it as a session.  Not sure what the essence of the meaning of session is.  Websters has a pretty […]

Father’s day weekend provided some great winds.  Saturday was good on the north end of the storms. Sunday cleared off and the winds were cranking by late morning.  It was challenging for most fathers struggling to enjoy the gifts of family and the maybe score a session.  Luckily my daughter, […]