Chad Dobson

Sometimes there is a bit of an extra enjoyment when the day, the session, becomes something different than what you thought it might be.  Yesterday was one of those days.  It had looked like there would be wind.  Earlier in the week it was looking pretty decent.  On Weds it […]


Oh to Fly

South Padre Island Spring trip.  Always a unique groove.  This year was about exploring, exploring a new sport, exploring new tricks, exploring a new ride…flying was common ingredient.  So much fun. I apologize ahead of time if you know French.  The song was chosen for the texture of the music […]

So great to get out again.  Such a gift to have two warm days of riding.  The snow was still so soft, making for making endless Ss off the wind.  Great to see so many faces that I hadn’t seen this year yet. Lots of new smiles out there.  Randy, […]

I’m sure you’ve heard me talk before about the blobs.  Those color zones from WindAlert that show strength of wind for various parts of the state.  Usually we get excited by yellow and oranges.  Every once and awhile there is a dark red blob (26-28+ mph), but it is small […]

Oh what a weekend! A classical Low rolled through the state last weekend. Two days of strong southwinds on the leading edge of the front followed by two days of W-NW winds as the Low moved up and out of the region. These systems are quite common in the Fall […]

I don’t know what it is, but there is something really special about this simple gathering in the middle of summer. Summer is our time of doldrums, time to get chores done, to plan things on weekends…because we just don’t get that many windy weekends in July…typically. Each year though […]


The gathering video 2015

What a wonderful weekend.  Big thanks for John Czech for being in the water all weekend and capturing all of our fun.


Castaway to South Padre; Spring 2014

Once again we returned to this magical place.  How quickly we return to the silliness, the groove, the flowing stoke of the castaway trip.