All winter long the bay north of Mahtomedi on White Bear had been hidden from the wind, nestled behind the peninsula, snow swirling off the bluff and filling the bay.  Until today it was unridable as the wind never filled into the bay.  Today the wind shifted to the SE […]

What a surprise!  Went to sleep thinking it was only going to be 1-2 inches…woke up to nearly 7.  Love that.  The snow was some of the best we get in these parts.   Great afternoon playing, everyone was so stoked. Thanks Randy for grabbing the camera for a bit…..Video […]

End of Session REPORT:  # 346 Location: White Bear Lake, Mahtomedi Date:  Saturday Jan 25, 2014 This glorious season continues to provide.  Met Randy and Adam out from Mahtomedi, just past 10am.  The sun was bright, the sky bluer than blue and snow was flowing like water across the surface.  […]