I don’t know what it is, but there is something really special about this simple gathering in the middle of summer. Summer is our time of doldrums, time to get chores done, to plan things on weekends…because we just don’t get that many windy weekends in July…typically. Each year though […]

The day started with the usual banter…so many things to consider in deciding where to go. Traffic home from up north, size of lake, wind, storms, drive time, launches, etc etc. After a bit we decide on Waconia. The wind forecast looked great, there wasn’t any storms in the forecast, […]

What a great day. Early on the sky went from big billowy clouds and blue sky to a major downpour. All the droplets splashed down and splashed up, which immediately went horizontal…smoke on the water and less than 100 ft of visibility. A first for me…a white out in the […]

Another wonderful trip.  A few of us were fortunate enough to have family down for a few days, surfing, learning to kite and hanging with us in the sun.  Really great to have them down. For the first time in years the entire MN Crew hung together at the Outlaw […]

New EOS Contributing photographer George Lemson has been capturing some great images lately.  His gallery below is just the beginning. It was a great sunset session with Jesse, George, Randy, Adam, Keith and Owen.  Thanks for capturing the stoke George.

Oct 12, 2014 It seems like October has been making up for the September Slump we were forced to endure this year. Although the water has gotten much colder, the wind is luring us to lake once again. Sunday was one of those all too tempting fall days with wind and even […]

Oct 7, 2014 Day 5 of strong WNW winds that blanket Minnesota.  The temps were in the low 60s, the sun was shining, the smiles were everywhere.  Kevin O took the session of sessions riding for hours and hours, ripin up the waves on the Eastern shore and boosting big […]