Oct 12, 2014 It seems like October has been making up for the September Slump we were forced to endure this year. Although the water has gotten much colder, the wind is luring us to lake once again. Sunday was one of those all too tempting fall days with wind and even […]

Oct 7, 2014 Day 5 of strong WNW winds that blanket Minnesota.  The temps were in the low 60s, the sun was shining, the smiles were everywhere.  Kevin O took the session of sessions riding for hours and hours, ripin up the waves on the Eastern shore and boosting big […]

Friday Oct 3, Dave Z, Geo and others spotted the isobars stacking up on the 10 Day MRF at the beginning of the week.  Corduroy all across Minnesota…love the look of that.  There was also this large blob of color extending down from Canada…cold cold temps.  The debate began, within […]

Fun day of play between the storms.  Just a quick photoshoot as the winds were coming down.  Happy, thank you, more please. As always, feel free to Share or Like.  Please give photo credit if you repost any image(s).  High res versions are available as well.

[BEST VIEWED ON A LARGER SCREEN] There are a lot of ways to approach these gatherings we have.  You can make your decision based on the forecasts, other things going on, etc etc….or you can just commit to going; taking the, it’ll be what it will be attitude.  And very […]

Something quite special about this place.  The long troughs stretching into the setting sun, the wonderful bald eagle who will join your path along the shore, soaring and finding his zone in the wind as well.  Or maybe it’s the openness of looking out across the shimmering water, with only […]

Two weekends, numerous weekdays, endless weeknights…all in the last few weeks.  What a great summer it has been.  Took Tuesday afternoon off and headed up to Wildwood on White Bear Lake.  Joined Jim, Gumby, Mike, Debbie, Adam and Chad.  Later Chris B, Denis and Dave Z joined in.  As usual shots […]



It’s a funny word.  If you have a therapist you refer to your time with them as your sessions.  If you make it to the water to ride, we refer to it as a session.  Not sure what the essence of the meaning of session is.  Websters has a pretty […]

Kevin and Brian had forecasted the big Low moving into place a week out.  Looked slow moving and hopes were for a few good days of riding.  It came in with some big storms on Thursday, then Friday SE winds kicked up at Ramsey Beach, as Mike and his crew […]

Father’s day weekend provided some great winds.  Saturday was good on the north end of the storms. Sunday cleared off and the winds were cranking by late morning.  It was challenging for most fathers struggling to enjoy the gifts of family and the maybe score a session.  Luckily my daughter, […]