T'was nearly 16yrs ago...

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T'was nearly 16yrs ago...

Postby skipd » Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:09 am

...after watching "learn to flysurf" or some VHS shizzy included with WIPIKA's Classic and FreeAir models...

...at the end of the vid there is this 10sec segment illustrating other mediums (i,e. snow, land) to board in. the 5sec clip of a dude doing a 180 in fresh pow was enough to fire off the synapses and head out to Club Med on a snowy evening, glowing with amber hues, courtesy of the light pollution.

...after figuring out how to tack and go upwind, my mind was awash with the feeling of complete freedom and the notion that I'd never have to pay for a lift ticket again. However something was lacking: a crew to hang (literally) with!

...So I checked AOL and Excite! to find any clubs with kites or windsurfing located in the US state of MN. Only 1 hit was returned: LAKAWA.

...Thinking it sounded like an official tribal organization, I signed up immediately. Most of the bulletin board messages dealt with how many liters this...weed fin that... ...and I had no f-n idea what I had just subscribed to. But there she blew...a hump like a snow-hill! It is ______ _____! Dudes with kites like mine (but not as neon orange) were chatting where to meet up.

...fairly reclusive and not one to publicly chime in, I thought it best just to randomly appear at Buffalo at the same day and time.

...after inflating my 8.1 Classic with the $hittiest of single-action hand-pumps, that makes it look like you're giving your kite a happy-ending... I board-slid downwind to a motley crue of dudes kite-skiing in tightly clinging neon colored bibs topped with bike/motorcycle helmets. It kickstarted my heart seeing the smiles and positive vibes radiating from them.

...Eric, Voita, Jerry, Barry, and in slow-mo....this frost laden bearded groovy gentleman (also appearing out of a rolling fog with doves flying skyward) named Tighe introduced themselves. After a quick reciprocation and an arrival, via group consensus, that the $hit we were doing was pretty rad...we all set off starboard, for reasons still unexplained, whoopin' and hollerin' at the wind.

That was indeed a special moment; something I feel every time I slide my feet under some bindings and send my kite into the zone.

Time, family, work, personal interests have passed...whatever. We still harness and ride the wind.

Embrace those special moments and keep spreading good vibes with friends.

The tribe will miss ya, Tighe...

Party on!

~Nosferatu Mokimbe

P.S. Selfless self-promotion: stay tuned for some different shizzy (vids) I'll be publishing on my old channel. Imagine combining DIY, hunting and gathering, and kiteboarding into a vlog...of the utmost serious undercurrents. bleeewwwwwwwhahahahahahaaaaaa!

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Re: T'was nearly 16yrs ago...

Postby Tighe » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:52 pm

sorry missed this Brad. Thanks for the kind words.

Was great to see you out a bit more these last few years. Also great to see Eric S back out in the wind. Life can make it challenging to ride every session, and life can change and we can find our way back.

It's also interesting how as time goes on History is created. Those early rides we all shared were over 15 years ago! Crazy, where does it go?

Hope to see you at the Crossing. We plan to attend as long as it keeps on going.

ride on.
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