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Re: Best Kite quiver

Postby Tighe » Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:38 am

that would make a lot of sense. I think they struggle with all the different weights of people, different styles etc etc, and just try to give as many options as they can, and let people make smart choices in building a quiver. Actually they probably don't mind if people buy more kites than needed. The Rallys are now sold in 1m increments up to the 12m. Gives you a lot of options. As Travis points out, kites have so much range now that precise quiver building may not be needed.

I'm still waiting for the adjustable kite. There was a windsurfing sail for awhile that had zip off panels, that one sail could give multiple sizes. Don't think it still exists. Usually loose something with those concepts...does everything, but nothing well.

enough tech talk....time to ride!!!
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Re: Best Kite quiver

Postby ray » Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:47 am

Hello All,
Kown of the EOS forum for a while but never visited it before, until now when I ran into this topic while searching online.
So, I weigh 200 lbs. and am also in MN. Pure beginner with quite a few lessons on water and snow.
I am looking to get a Slingshot Rally for what will be my first kite ever. For my first kite purchase, I would like to buy the one that I will be able to use most, not ready to spend on a quiver yet.

So for my weight, and given the not-always-high winds of MN, I had been thinking that a 14m kite is what I would need (as my go-to kite). Coz i felt that during lessons, I struggled with generating enough power with 10m and 12m. Though it could also be my lack of skill.

Even the sales guys I chat online with (popular web kite shops online or on YouTube, insist that I need a 14m. But my instructor feels 12m should do.

Please advise which size...based on weighta and also the fact that I will most probably be a weekend warrior, meaning most of the times, I will have to settle for not-enough wind.

Only 2 concerns with going ahead with the Slingshot Rally 14m is:
1. Whether I will be over-powered in our MN winds.
2. Whether 14m is too clumsy a kite in general. (Lot of people say: make 12m a regular go-to and rather than a 14m, go for light-wind specific even larger an Ozone Zephyr 17m).


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Re: Best Kite quiver

Postby erics » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:16 pm

what kind of board are you planning on riding?

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Re: Best Kite quiver

Postby ray » Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:16 am

I am thinking beginner/intermediate..or light-wind board.
Width of 42 cm. Length unsure - anything from 137 to 142 (unless you have a suggestion).
Liquid force Overdrive was one in my mind.

Do you think I should worry about "chop" in our MN lakes? or will i be ok getting a flatter board with almost no rocker?

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Re: Best Kite quiver

Postby erics » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:15 pm

I've got a twin tip Naish Orbit from 2014 that's 46 x 162 - big board but pretty easy to ride powered up and fun when rigging down. I just started back up water kiting last year so I'm not a good judge of new kites other than BRM Cloud kites that I've committed to, mostly with the idea of foiling in mind. I'm a fan of using the smallest kite you can to make the board you're riding work but that can take a lot of time and practice. I've spent all winter season learning the Cloud kites and still learning how the work best... but this is on the snow where I can practice pretty much every day :)

So, As a new rider and wanting to maximize riding time I'd go big on both the board and kite. During the winter I've learned to get really efficient - this takes time, at least for me. Being nicely powered up and boarded up will give you the best chance of getting rides out and back to the beach without having to do the walk of shame too many times and getting discouraged. You'll get your ass kicked a few times but if you're smart and familiarize yourself with safety systems and local spots/hazzards you'll get more riding in going big.

As you gain confidence and efficiency you'll likely keep the 14 and pick up a smaller kite - using the same board, OR some folks like to go with smaller board and be very powered up. I'm the opposite, that's also why I'm mostly on windsurfing foil when the conditions are not ideal for my kiting equipment haha!

Don't think too much, 12 or 14 you'll be stoked to get on the water, you'll get spanked and have to walk back with both of them at some point anyway :)


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