Summer gathering

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Summer gathering

Postby Tighe » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:03 am

The time is approaching again. That time of year where we all gather on one of our favorite lakes, hang out in the shade, share stories of our sessions past, AND ride and ride and ride. For over 10 years now this has been one of our most successful events, I think in part because of the non structure, low key nature. In many ways it is just we all do normally, head to the lake and ride with friends, just this is all of us coming together. We've also been quite blessed for most of the gatherings to have great winds, surprisingly for July, when weekend wind can be elusive.
If you haven't been to a gathering I highly suggest checking it out.

Many come up for the day, many make a weekend of it and camp at Malmo Bay Marina, Father Hennepin State Park, or Castaways resort. There are other options as well. I think there are quite a few cabins to rent in the area VRBO.

This is a free event, there are no registrations, no schedules, just great riding

It sounds like this year Lakawa is organizing some racing for those interested.

Lessons are available, though I'd talk to the local schools and try to arrange it ahead of time.

Demos are available, I'll have Slingshot gear to demo and others may be available as well.

A video to get you stoked:

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