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Postby Tighe » Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:38 pm

Welcome to the End of Session Chat. My hopes with this forum is to capture the stoke of the ride through dialog. Share where you're going, share how it is, or reflect on your session....or some other tangent.

As with all of EOS, the forum is a work in progress. Let me know if there are forum features you want, that aren't here. I've tried to keep the forum as clean and minimal as possible to work well on phones and tablets.

Not a lot of rules, just a few posted below.
Please keep it positive.
Disagree all you want but please keep it respectful
Please keep the language PG13
Please keep it non promotional
If for any reason I think a post is not consistent with the goal of End of Session, it will be deleted.

Facebook and other social media have their place, my hope is that we can go a bit deeper into some of the topics, issues, discoveries, we're all going through.

If you register and don't get a timely authorization email, shoot me a direct email at tighe at windancing dot com. I get a gazillion spam registrations a day.

Oh and in case you haven't figured it out, clicking the logo takes you back to the main site.

thanks and enjoy
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