Oh Yeah!

Such a great time in the wind.


Oh to Fly

South Padre Island Spring trip.  Always a unique groove.  This year was about exploring, exploring a new sport, exploring new tricks, exploring a new ride…flying was common ingredient.  So much fun. I apologize ahead of time if you know French.  The song was chosen for the texture of the music […]


End of Season Dawn Patrol


Snowkiting in Lakeville


The gathering video 2015

What a wonderful weekend.  Big thanks for John Czech for being in the water all weekend and capturing all of our fun.


Snow Kite Island 02/23/2015

The lack of any kind of discernible snow depth has not deterred the diehards. The surface of Lake Minnetonka was a white, glistening expanse of hard pack and small drifts. Fast, the lightest breeze sent you screaming across the plane. Edges barely holding, as you test the laws of inertia […]


Oh Snow

Oh Snow from End of Session on Vimeo.