Wow, it’s been nearly two weeks and the memories are still quite vivid.  Every year is so very different, every year this crazy group of people come together to share a frozen lake, chase each other out toward the horizon, share some good times and ride ride ride.  This year […]


End of Season Dawn Patrol

So great to get out again.  Such a gift to have two warm days of riding.  The snow was still so soft, making for making endless Ss off the wind.  Great to see so many faces that I hadn’t seen this year yet. Lots of new smiles out there.  Randy, […]

Full Photo Gallery Here The energy had been building throughout the winter. The huge success was last years 10th Annual was still on everyone’s minds. The recent addition of the Excelsior Brewing Snowkite Open in Minneapolis three weeks earlier got everyone warmed up and ready to take on the big […]


Snow Kite Island 02/23/2015

The lack of any kind of discernible snow depth has not deterred the diehards. The surface of Lake Minnetonka was a white, glistening expanse of hard pack and small drifts. Fast, the lightest breeze sent you screaming across the plane. Edges barely holding, as you test the laws of inertia […]

New EOS Contributing photographer George Lemson has been capturing some great images lately.  His gallery below is just the beginning. It was a great sunset session with Jesse, George, Randy, Adam, Keith and Owen.  Thanks for capturing the stoke George.