I’ve watched birds since I was young, you know those big birds, the eagles and the hawks.  Soaring in the invisible current.  The smallest movements of their wings sending them higher and higher. I’m drawn to the effortless grace as they soar overhead. I dream of flying, lingering in a […]

If you’ve driven through North Dakota in the last few years you’ve noticed the large amounts of ponds and small lakes that are slowly taking over many of the farmer’s fields.  These bodies of water typically are free of trees, and when the winds howl, like they do often up […]

by Patty Hoben Since there was no wind on our radar for the first weekend in October, we were pleasantly surprised when the unexpected invitation came on Thursday to join Kevin, Bryan and Rob in Sheboygan, WI to ride the big waves on Lake Michigan. Jim loves a good road […]

Dates: October 2-4, 2015 Riders: Brian Sieve, Kevin Nowak, Rob Rabbe, Jason Yetley, Patty and Jim Hoben Location: Sheboygan, Wisconsin Story and photos by Kevin Nowak. The best trips are the ones that form organically. After encountering subpar wind at Mille Lacs last Sunday (9/27/2015), I was really looking forward to […]

Another excursion to South Padre Island has come to a close.  This yearly pilgrimage continues to be such a great threshold from snowkiting to kitesurfing and this year was no exception.  After the best winter in memory, and kiting deeply imbedded in our lives we headed south, to the place […]

It’s 9:38 you’re cruising down the highway on your way to the lake, you’re watching every tree, every flag, every smokestack.  There is something inside you that longs for the session to be.  Is it anticipation?  I’m not sure.  I think there is something more to it.  Is it a […]