Wow, it’s been nearly two weeks and the memories are still quite vivid.  Every year is so very different, every year this crazy group of people come together to share a frozen lake, chase each other out toward the horizon, share some good times and ride ride ride.  This year […]


Gathering 2016

This was the year of the foil boards.  The lighter winds were perfect for the efficiencies of the foils.  The scene was beautiful.  Big puffy clouds against the vivid blue sky.  MMMMM.  Evenings were clear and full of stars.  Hard to beat. Here’s a short clip from the weekend.  Didn’t […]

Twelve years,  Wow!  This is officially becoming a tradition…a grand tradition.  Just as the season is winding down, as snow tires get taken off,  as the snow in the cities starts becoming occasional piles…we head north.  We head to that big hunk of ice called Lake Mille Lacs.  Well I guess […]

I don’t know what it is, but there is something really special about this simple gathering in the middle of summer. Summer is our time of doldrums, time to get chores done, to plan things on weekends…because we just don’t get that many windy weekends in July…typically. Each year though […]


The gathering video 2015

What a wonderful weekend.  Big thanks for John Czech for being in the water all weekend and capturing all of our fun.

Full Photo Gallery Here The energy had been building throughout the winter. The huge success was last years 10th Annual was still on everyone’s minds. The recent addition of the Excelsior Brewing Snowkite Open in Minneapolis three weeks earlier got everyone warmed up and ready to take on the big […]

Time and time again, I am reminded that these events are really not about the wind, or the race, or the competition. What they are about is coming together as community, to share in some play in the wind, to tell stories, to BS beyond belief, to be silly, and […]

[BEST VIEWED ON A LARGER SCREEN] There are a lot of ways to approach these gatherings we have.  You can make your decision based on the forecasts, other things going on, etc etc….or you can just commit to going; taking the, it’ll be what it will be attitude.  And very […]