About EOS

What is End of Session?
End of Session is a non-profit entity set up to support kiteboarding in the Midwest. The goal of EOS is to capture the stoke of the ride through photos, video and dialog.  It is a continual work in progress.  The hope is that through capturing our stoke over time, however successfully or not, we gain a perspective on this wonderful gift.  In addition others may look inside and choose to share in the practice.

Who’s behind it?
Right now there is two of us. There’s myself, Tighe Belden,  the founder, creative director and photographer.  Also onboard is Tim Dunklee our tech guru and photographer, ensuring this all works behind the scenes.  Hopefully people will find EOS as a place to exchange ideas and as such become a part of it.  The riders we try to capture on film are also contributors, indirectly.   We do our best to capture as many riders and sessions as we can, as well as ride ourselves.  If ever you have a topic you would like to write a bit more on, contact us and we can discuss making you an author and developing a blog post (Rambling).

Background ( a little bit about the founder)
I’ve been riding the wind for over 30 years now.  I remember when I first saw someone on a windsurfer down in Madison…I was hooked.  Can’t tell you what it was that struck something in me. I just knew I had to do it.  I remember those early days well.

When I moved up here in 1991 after a dry spell at Graduate school in the middle of Illinois, I felt at home amongst the vibrant sailing community.  As the internet was taking off in the mid 90s I created LAWA (Lakes Area Windsurfing Advisory) to help connect people to all the new weather options, as well as capture all the great lakes we had as options.  There was a wonderful feature of the early LAWA site that captured the stories of sessions past.  Riders would send me emails with their stories and I’d hand code the HTML for that page.  There were some really good ones. This is all before the day of cryptic texting and emoticons.

When kiting hit the scene around the turn of the century (wow first time I’ve used that phrase), LAWA became LAKAWA and I added a forum to the site.  As this new sport grew, LAKAWA was able to provide the conduit for shared learning.  We were forging new territory, with launches that had trees up to the water, snow kiting, extreme temps, etc.  The dialog was rich, sometimes containing more than enough drama, but did a great job connected us.

Things change.  Lakawa became a business and is now in someone else’s hands.  Social media is now a part of many of our lives.  We gobble up info from many many different sources.  And I feel something is missing.  For many of us kiteboarding is more than a sport, more than an activity.  Definitely something as rewarding, as enriching, as what we get from dancing with the wind, deserves more.  I encourage you to read some of the threads in EOS chat.  If you have an opinion, please share it.  If you have something you think might be worth exploring, bring it up.  I’m interested in what the ride means to you.


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