Labor Day Weekend 2016  – Miltona – SPECTACULAR!!!

By Jim and Patty Hoben

Friday: Lake Carlos State Park campground – 11:30am…. Bryan, Lisa, Patty and I set up our tents, but had to drop the poles and lay the tents flat because the wind off the lake held them almost flat! What does this sign/picture do for a “Wind Slave”? Patty and I were “First-Timers” to the “MIL” and the wind set the “Ton-a”! J The Miltona boat launch provided a perfect grassy rigging area with a small berm to protect the kites, as well as several hundred feet of shallows-perfect for launching and landing. The wind held all day Friday for Bryan, Ed, Tom, Patty and me, as well as a few locals. We all went to dinner at “L.J.’s” in Miltona with some local kiters, Bryan and Steph. Finished the day off at Lake Carlos campground with a bonfire, and the wind kept all the bugs away!

Saturday: Early on, the winds were howling bigger than the day before… then, someone from the Twin Cities drove in……. he was first on the water, fooling (I mean “foiling”) around and ready to “Tighe one on” : )  (Side note: In the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve sinned, the Lord said “from now on you shall toil”, well, Tighe misunderstood and thought he said “from now on you shall FOIL” : ))P1070222

The wind today was as good as it gets! It was an angry wind and it kept trying to hit us hard and send us home, but we just took it, and sent it “To the Moon”! It was “Labor” day, so since we had good wind, we “worked” it! Several lake-cabin homeowners came to the launch to watch the show… the “Stars” – Bryan S., Tighe, Rob R., Tom G., Scott C., Bill S., Ed, Patty, Brian from Alex, Nick from Outer Banks and Marty from Brooklyn, NY. (I hope I didn’t miss anyone!) Nick and a bunch of the guys were putting on a Huck Fest – cool tricks and huge air.IMG_3582

We could have ridden until sunset, since the wind never relented, but our appetites were prompting us to find some food, so off to Alexandria we went, to the Depot Express on Lake Agnes to find a large menu, delicious food, and great service. We stayed at a different campground, Smokey Timbers –only ½ mile up the lake from the boat launch…. This place makes you feel like you are in the North Woods – secluded, wooded and rustic. Bryan, Lisa, TIghe, Tom, Dan, Patty and I seemed to remember the day so much better with a crackling fire, s’mores (thanks to Lisa and Patty) and a brew.

The Big Dogs showed up in their white diesel pickup, (they brought Jim and Annie too : ))

Sunday: A delicious breakfast spread was provided by Lisa and Bryan at the campsite while we stretched our aching muscles, preparing for another windy day that was in store – 3 in a row!!! More riders came from the Twin Cities: The Big Dogs showed up in their white diesel pickup, (they brought Jim and Annie too : )) as well as Mike, John and Eu Han. So I asked everyone, “what are you guys up for???” Well, all of a sudden…. Everybody was Kung Foo “Kiting”, the wind looked “So Inviting”, the jumps were like “Bolts of Lighting”….  (click this link for the vibe)

We were stoked to be able to ride at a new venue, meet new friends and get together with the other “homies” that made the trek – if you haven’t been to Miltona, definitely put it on your “bucket list”!

A special thanks to Tighe for bringing demo kites and taking video / pics and keeping the stoke going for all of us!

Jim and Patty

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Tighe Belden has been riding the wind for over 30 years. He has been active in the windsport community for over 3 decades, as an instructor, event coordinator, creator of Lakawa and now End of Session, and stokes people on the latest gear as a Tech Ambassador for Slingshot Sports.