The goods out west—Miltona Lake

This lake has continued to be a great option for those approaching winds that may not quite make it to the cities.  10 minutes North of Alexandria this lake has nice park in the center of the north side with shallow sandy bottom and grassy rigging.  The winds were South most of the day.  What I’ve discovered is that this lake more than most is direction sensitive.  SE winds seems to be ideal for the North Launch.  Clean swell and clean wind.  When the winds clock to the South, the wind and chop can be inconsistent on different parts of the lake.  The last two times we have been there have been more south and the east side of the lake had the strongest wind, but voodoo chop that favored starboard jumping whereas the west side of the lake had a little less wind but some really nice ramps for great boosting.  In front of the launch was very inconsistent.  I think next time I may add the little bit of extra distance and go to Ottertail for S or SW winds.

Not to say it wasn’t a great day.  Everybody seemed pretty lit on 8 to 14s.  I was on my 12 and pretty powered up most of the day.  Great stoke on and off the water.  Travis was throwing down some styling moves.  Paul was thrashing around on his surfboard.  Chris, Randy, Pete and Kevin were boosting big.  Denis and Liz shared their own section of the lake, way upwind.  Great riding with Bill M and Bill S., Rob, and Rob, John, Scott, and Olie.  Such a great way to escape the heat.  Numerous times I dunked my head to cool off.

A few shots from the day.  As always feel free to share.  I’d appreciate a photo credit if you copy and paste it elsewhere.


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Tighe Belden has been riding the wind for over 30 years. He has been active in the windsport community for over 3 decades, as an instructor, event coordinator, creator of Lakawa and now End of Session, and stokes people on the latest gear as a Tech Ambassador for Slingshot Sports.

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