First Big Epic Day of the Summer

What a great day. Early on the sky went from big billowy clouds and blue sky to a major downpour. All the droplets splashed down and splashed up, which immediately went horizontal…smoke on the water and less than 100 ft of visibility. A first for me…a white out in the summer!
Soon the rain cleared…the wind took a breath and then blew like stink till dark. So many smiles. Even those that got off work at 5 were treated. 8-12s worked. So much fun.

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Tighe Belden has been riding the wind for over 30 years. He has been active in the windsport community for over 3 decades, as an instructor, event coordinator, creator of Lakawa and now End of Session, and stokes people on the latest gear as a Tech Ambassador for Slingshot Sports.

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