Fall Bliss at the Bear

Oct 12, 2014

It seems like October has been making up for the September Slump we were forced to endure this year. Although the water has gotten much colder, the wind is luring us to lake once again. Sunday was one of those all too tempting fall days with wind and even some warmth provided by the ample sunshine. After waiting for the morning sun to warm things up a bit, I arrived at White Bear Lake around noon to find only one rider currently on the water. A large amount of a familiar faces arrived as I eagerly pumped up my 12m. The lake was filled with enthusiastic kiters very quickly and we had every reason to be excited. Not only was sun warm, the wind was as smooth as it comes at White Bear Lake. You could hear hollers and whistles of excitement fill the air as we all enjoyed the session.

Once my arms couldn’t take it anymore, I headed for the beach to shoot some pictures of the action. I waded out in to the water with my camera while Pete, Eric, Dean, and Michael did some moves to make my cold feet worthwhile. I wish I had a longer camera lens to catch everybody, so next time you see me out there feel free to get close for some action shots.

After documenting a good session with my camera, I jumped on Eric’s 9m to finish out the day. I was delighted to find out that I was perfectly powered on the smaller kite. I had a hard time calling it a day as the wind just kept blowing. Luckily, Eric patiently waited for me to bring his gear back while I was having a boostathon out on the water. Eventually, my body started telling me it was time to wrap up the glorious session. The day ended with a small crew packing up while displaying gigantic smiles that probably won’t go away for quite some time.

– Tim

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Tim Dunklee has been wind-addicted since 2011 after shedding his reliance on gas-powered wakeboard boats. When the wind isn't blowing you can find him crafting websites for the marketing agency space150 in Minneapolis.

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