Minnesota Corduroy. Oct 3 & 4

Friday Oct 3,

Dave Z, Geo and others spotted the isobars stacking up on the 10 Day MRF at the beginning of the week.  Corduroy all across Minnesota…love the look of that.  There was also this large blob of color extending down from Canada…cold cold temps.  The IMG_9586debate began, within ourselves and among  friends…too cold?  Will it be worth it?  Can I ride those winds?  Will there be company out there?  And envisioning those big rollers, that texture on the water, the power pulling at our core.  I couldn’t resist.

It was beautiful out there.  Sun peeking through every so often creating islands of shimmering waters.  Chad was boosting to the moon on his TRex.  Jim was slashing the wave line along the east shore throwing up some big tails.  Dean was looking very dialed in those big conditions on his 6m.  Pierre was slashing around carving some nice “S’s”.  Don stayed upwind slicing some massive  transitions.

There were quite a few windsurfers ripping around looking great out there.  There’s a crew I never see unless it’s nukin and cold.  Great to see you again.

As I left a second crew was showing up.  Hope the sessions continued.

Update:  Tim showed up soon after I headed out and he and Jim and others rode into an amazing sunset (see photo in Gallery.) Thanks for adding some great shots Tim

Saturday Oct 4

The texts were flying around this morning as I was deep into family gatherings, really thought this session would have to pass without me…the trees roaring and the sun were killing me.  About mid afternoon I checked the wind and it was still up.  I raced to the lake.  So beautiful out there.  Bill S., Jesse, Tom and Brian were dialed on their 11s and 12s.  SWEEEETTT.  Chad and I joined them.  It was so beautiful out there.  Jim showed up and made his 10 work as the sun was droppin.  The last shots are from this afternoon.

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