Following the Chasing Winds Kite Club 2nd Annual Michigan Kite Adventure

Last year we all drooled as the Chasing Winds Crew posted photos up of their journey up the eastern side of Lake Michigan.  So many great spots.  So many great sessions.  Sounded like a real adventure.

After a bit of debating and a few members loosing faith in the conditions Jesse Johnson and George Lemson headed out on Monday morning.  They’re going to be sending in reports along the way and I’ll relay them as I get them.  We can all live through their adventure.  One of these years I’m going to join them.

Packin' Up

Packin’ Up

Day One: best laid plans…

I guess they had intended on leaving on Sunday but with the high SE winds forecast they grabbed one last session on White Bear before heading out Monday Morning.  The eastern shore of Lake Michigan was nuking from the system that rolled through here on Sunday, though traffic delays in Wisconsin Dells and Chicago got them to the shore just in time for a gorgeous sunset.  George’s post from South Haven sounded really upbeat about the upcoming week.  They were going to check out to the Sables today.

 the beaches are ridiculously awesome.



Looking forward hearing more.  Winds be with ya guys.


Day 2

They headed up to just south of Ludington State Park (see Map image)

They scored a light wind session on what looks like a beach that goes on forever.  Boy does that look enticing.  Guess they are off to Point Betsie/Frankfort tomorrow.  Love the freedom to go wherever they feel like…or where the winds might be best.   Ride on guys.



Day 3




Wow, I keep getting these photos from George and Jesse, and get so envious.  Such beautiful beaches, sparkling water that stretches out to the horizon.mmmmm.

Here’s the report from George and some of the great shots.

“We arrived just north of Frankfort, MI around noon. I wasn’t expecting a ride due to 8-11 mph forecast. We stepped from the wind shadow behind the dunes onto the beach, a great blast of warm southerly wind hit me in the face. Jesse found a local to ply for information but I was just to amped up and grabbed my gear. almost in a sprint. I didn’t want to miss my window. I ran to the launch spot. Pumped up the 12m and proceeded to have the best light wind session I’ve ever had. The thermal effect from the giant sand dunes just north of Point Betsie gave us anywhere from 5 to 8 mph more wind than anywhere else. I’ve said the phrase “fan steady”. This was the epitome of that phrase. Next day I’m still reeling. Today high wind. small kite. Not sure of destination yet.”


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