It’s a funny word.  If you have a therapist you refer to your time with them as your sessions.  If you make it to the water to ride, we refer to it as a session.  Not sure what the essence of the meaning of session is.  Websters has a pretty lame definition:

a period of time that is used to do a particular activity

Lame right?  Sessions are so much more.  And I think the value from me comes from the variety.  No two sessions are the same…ever.  I’ve been riding the wind for over 30 years and I don’t think I ever got off the water and said that session was just like blankety blank session.  Even sessions in Padre vary from day to day.

This weekend had sessions being had all over the state as the holidays brought people to cabins and out of the city for the long weekend.  The eastside clan was spread from Western Minnesota to northern Wisconsin.  I hope people share some stories of their sessions on the bodies of water they found, when they snuck away from family for a bit.

Pelican 7.4.14
I had the opportunity to ride with the crew up on Pelican.  Bryce and Kate were rigging at Breezy when I got there.  We worked our way up to the flat water spot near the island as Vicky worked her way 2+ miles downwind from her and Todd’s house.  Soon Todd and a few others joined us.   There was definitely a feeling that I was playing in their sandbox.  Everyone was super stoked, Everything but the wind was new for me.

Waconia 7.6.14
Sunday I decided to head back early to avoid the traffic and ride down near the cities.  I left near 11 and boy was wrong.  371 from Brainerd was a parking lot.  I ended up just taking backroads to keep me from going insane, not moving and watching the trees bending over.  Pulling into Waconia was such relief.  I could see kites, and windsurfers, and big bright whitecaps through the trees.  I didn’t miss it.  Phew.  deep sigh.   I saw Scott’s car, John’s truck, Jeff’s van, Tom’s car…there is something about the waconia crew, really feels like home.   As I looked out on the water I saw Alex P going off and Vojta’s big yellow and black Fuel.  There were quite a few kites out.  What a session!  Lit lit lit.  I know I need to apologize for more than one person for riding a bit close.  Sorry, I lose myself out there.   When I was starting to fade I headed in.  Lots of hanging out in the long shadows that stretch across the parking lot.  Rob and Heather showed up on their Harley.  Jim showed up after trekking across the state from the west where he had ridden earlier in the day.  Many photos below are of him, having way too much fun.  After watching and shooting…I couldn’t believe I wasn’t still out there…so I grabbed a bigger board and headed back out with Jim and Patty.  Completely different session.  Much more surfy and mellow.  Something about riding out into the shimmering waters…it’s trance like.  The blue sky overheard darted with big white puffy clouds.  Verdant shoreline.  Das really gooood!

So I guess I got off track a bit from the original topic of sessions…sharing a few from this past weekend instead…or for example.  I’ve always wondered if the ride would be as valuable to me, if I lived in a place that was more consistent every day.    Anyway, all I know is I love all of em.  Some standout in memories for a bit but overtime, they all blend a bit together and there is gratitude, for all these wonderful gifts.

I hope you were able to ride this weekend’s winds.  And if you opted to be with family instead, that too is a session to be cherished. Some shots from Sunday late afternoon.

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Tighe Belden has been riding the wind for over 30 years. He has been active in the windsport community for over 3 decades, as an instructor, event coordinator, creator of Lakawa and now End of Session, and stokes people on the latest gear as a Tech Ambassador for Slingshot Sports.

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