How Low can June Go?

Kevin and Brian had forecasted the big Low moving into place a week out.  Looked slow moving and hopes were for a few good days of riding.  It came in with some big storms on Thursday, then Friday SE winds kicked up at Ramsey Beach, as Mike and his crew from Minnesota Bound were getting some footage.  What a great day…and a start to the stretch of windy days.

Saturday we returned to Ramsey to much bigger winds.  Lit on 10s and 12s it was quite a boostathon.  Everyone was skying big, and stoked.  Great to see Lizzy and others who haven’t crossed paths in awhile.  We headed for Coffee when the big rain came in at 4:00.

Then came Sunday.  Windalert had orange and red bars for the entire day on Mille.  Got up, and headed north.  As I cruised up on 169, flyin along at 80mph I glanced over and saw this dude cruising with his windows down, skull shaved clean, big stogie between his lips.  He glanced over with a nod…it was Tom G.  heading up as well.

We stopped first Malmo but it looked light and pretty south southwest.  We headed on to Reddy and it looked good.  We rigged.  Pete showed up from Malmo, as did Bill, and Chad, Dean…and others.  By the time I got on the water the wind had already started to shift West.  Reddy is very direction specific.  While you can ride anything but NE-NW, the true sweet spot for the swells is SSW.   The strong SW winds provided a starboard tack out that had you slamming into waves head on and no clean ramps to the port side.  After about 15 minutes of riding I suggested we make the move and head back to Malmo.  Chad, Bill and Pete were game.  We quickly derigged and headed back to Malmo.  Think we were back on the water in 20 minutes.  Randy showed up.  And oh what a few miles does to that lake.  Big, clean swells, lined up perfect for nice carves into the wind to send you skyward.  SO NICE.

We stayed on our 12s until we just couldn’t anymore and went in to rig down to our 8m.  George and Olie showed up, Jim had joined us.  Jason had come up from Rochester, and a few others.

Pete was looking dialed on his 8m and surfboard…strapless.  Randy and I joined him for an incredible session.  Working our way upwind and surfing downwind for miles along the deep trough the bottoms out at the marina.  So many bottom turns on the glossy faces.

The last session was on 10s.  Fully lit again, boosting to the moon.  The light was incredible.  All days the clouds were beautiful against the brilliant blue sky.

Monday provided a repeat for those escaping work.  Sounded like they were on 8ms all day at Malmo again.

Tuesday had on and off wind as well.

Here are few shots.  I was riding a lot so didn’t get shots of too many people on the water.  Those that were out when I was in looked stellar!!!

5 Days of wind in the middle of summer.  What a gift.  Happy, thank you, more please.

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Tighe Belden has been riding the wind for over 30 years. He has been active in the windsport community for over 3 decades, as an instructor, event coordinator, creator of Lakawa and now End of Session, and stokes people on the latest gear as a Tech Ambassador for Slingshot Sports.

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